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Steps for editing and adding documents to a case

Editing a Case

NOTE:  When the times arrives for you to upload the results of the Department Vote, you can follow these instructions to edit the case and add the correct FAS Dean (Dept Vote - xx) committee to match the vote results.

Log in via https://account.interfolio.com/sso

  1. Click View Cases.
  2. Click the candidate’s name for whom you need to edit.
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the case - upper right.
  4. Scroll down to the Case Review Steps and click Edit.
  5. Located the FAS Dean (Dept Vote – Results) step and click the edit pencil.
  6. Click the + Add Committee button, lower right on the edit step window.
  7. In the Select or search for an existing committee box, type FAS Dean to pull up either FAS Dean (Dept Vote – Yes) or FAS Dean (Dept Vote – No) from the drop down list to choose the appropriate committee and click the + Add button.
  8. Removed the placeholder committee, via the “x” .
  9. Click the “x” upper right on the Edit Step window. 

After editing the case and adding the committee for the FAS Dean vote result, click Return to Case.  If you haven’t done so already, upload the vote form document using the instructions below starting at step 3. 

After you review the case packet send the case forward to the next step which should be the FAS Dean (Dept Vote  - Results). 

Adding Documents to a case

(NOTE: The following kinds of files: .pdf, .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt, .ppt, .pptx, .html. are now accepted when uploading documents by a department administrator.)

Log in via https://account.interfolio.com/sso:

1.     Click Open Cases under the Promotion & Tenure header.

2.     Click on the candidate’s name for whom the document needs to be uploaded.

3.     Click +Add File.  This opens the Add Document pop-up window.

4.     Enter a Document Title (e.g. Departmental Vote).  This not only identifies the document but it is also used as the bookmark title in the Read Packet view.

5.     Enter a Document Type, e.g. Dept Vote, External letter, Course evaluations, etc.

6.     Click Browse and find the file.

7.     Select, Group type as Committee Document or change it to fit. 

8.     Click Save.

Edit the Names of a Standing Committee

  • Click on “User & Group Management”.
  • Click the “Committees” tab.
  • Locate the committee you need to edit and click the edit pencil icon (Note: the only standing committee member in the committee for your Faculty Review group should be, you. All other members are added as temporary or Case Specific members.) 

The edit window opens

From this screen you can

  1. Edit the committee name
  2. Remove a committee member via clicking ”x”
  3. Search for a name 
  4. Add the person to the list