Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Search & Appointment Procedures

This page contains procedures for searches in and appointments to the ladder and non-ladder ranks.  While the search procedures are typically for multi-year appointments, the appointment procedures apply to all lengths of service.  

In FAS, ladder faculty positions include tenure and tenure-track appointments with the titles of Professor, Associate Professor with tenure, Associate Professor with term, and Assistant Professor.  Non-ladder faculty positions include non-tenure track appointments with titles containing Lector, Lecturer, Adjunct, Visiting, Researcher, and Scholar.

Prior to commencing a search, please review the Search and Recruitment Expense Guidelines to determine which expenses are covered.

Ladder Faculty Searches

Tenure-track positions - Assistant Professor (AP) and Associate Professor on term (AOPN)
Tenure positions - Professor (Prof) and Associate Professor with tenure (AOPT)

All tenure positions must go before the Appointments Committee for the relevant division in FAS.

NOTE:  All materials going the Tenure Appointments and Promotion Committee must be submitted for review three weeks prior to the scheduled meeting date.

Ladder Faculty Appointments

Non-Ladder Faculty Search, Reappointment, and Promotion Procedures

FAS Lectors and Senior Lectors I and II
FAS Lecturers and Senior Lecturers

Non-Ladder Teaching Appointments - Lecturers, Lectors, Adjunct, and Visiting Faculty

Non-Ladder Research Appointments

Secondary Appointments