Interfolio - Steps for Creating an Academic Job Posting

Log in to Intefolio to add a new position

  • Use the following url to log in. All Yale University members need to use this single sign-on link (sso) .  Please note, Chrome is the browser of choice for Interfolio as well as Workday.
  • Select Yale University in the drop down list from the “Sign in through your institution” area
  • Sign in with your Yale NetID and password - if you are not already using CAS, the Yale Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen will pop open.
  • Click the View Positions button - on the Faculty Search row
  • Select  + New Position in the upper right, and be sure to select your UNIT (i.e. History, Neurosurgery) and then click on the Create New Position.  

Follow through the six steps to setup a position; click more instructions .

  • Interfolio is NOT an advertisement.  All searches for faculty teaching positions must adhere to the advertising guidelines set forth by the US Department of Labor.

After completing the six steps, you will need to:

  • Allow Applicants to apply by making sure (from the Application List page, click the edit pencil):

    • the section under “This Position is:”

      • Open  - has a date set

      • Not scheduled to close

      • “Apply Now” page is Published (the position url will appear when set to published)

    • the section under “Position Status:” is set to 

      • Accepting Application (this status can and should be changed as search progresses)

  • Obtain the posting Position URL. This url is IMPORTANT because this is the LINK you will need to use FOR the proper ADVERTISEMENTS. It is a good idea to test the link to make sure it opens to the correct search once in your advertisement. 

    • The two ways to get this unique position url link, both are from the Application List page:

  1. Click on the Additional Options button (the dotted vertical bar next to the Edit Position pencil) and select View Details.
  2. Or, click the edit pencil and under the section, “This Position is:” the last line will be the position url (i.e. http:/ /

*Note: All Medical School positions need to be approved by Faculty Affairs, Chris Hinckley.  Hence, you will need to click the Edit pencil on the Applicant List screen to make the post set-up edits noted above.

  • Remember to advertise the job posting using the position url. Interfolio is not an advertisement. 


Next, applicants will appear on the Applicants list page, make sure:

  • the search committee has access to review applications
  • all applicants are on the list especially if the individual(s) make it to the FSQ
  • the application status is set appropriately for all applicants.  As the search committee reviews and identifies those individuals who have been long-listed, interviewed, short-listed and the finalist(s)
  • the search is closed after the FSQ is be completed and approved

Should you need further assistance send email to or try the Support link at the bottom of each Interfolio page. Here is the Interfolio link on creating a position