Faculty Searches and Appointments

Faculty searches are typically only conducted for tenure track and multi-year, non-tenure track positions.  In most cases, the decision to run a faculty search is made jointly by the Office of the Provost and the relevant school dean.  Occasionally, an advisory committee may also participate in the decision. 

Basic requirements

As a recipient of federal funds, all searches for faculty teaching positions must adhere to the advertising guidelines as set forth by the US Department of Labor.  The Advertisement Checklist and Guidelines for Faculty Positions provides a concise list of required and optional items for advertising faculty teaching positions.  These guidelines may also be useful when creating advertisements for other academic positions. [NOTE: Please visit the FAS Dean’s site first for searches in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, also be sure to reference the FAS Search and Recruitment Expense Guidelines as well as the Advertisement Checklist and Guidelines for FAS Faculty Positions . ]

In addition to the advertisement, the recruiting and outreach plan must be well documented for tenure track and multi-year, non-tenure track positions.  The Faculty Search Questionnaire (FSQ) is the form that is used for collecting all of the necessary information.  This form must be completed and approved prior to extending an offer to a final candidate.  The FSQ, along with the supporting documents, must be uploaded to the Provost’s Office SharePoint site.  

Please contact Audrey Bribiescas for assistance in obtaining the applicant pool data from Interfolio.

Search and Appointment Procedures

Instructions for conducting searches and appointing faculty are available for the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, School of Architecture, School of Art, Divinity School, School of Drama, School of Music, and the Institute of Sacred Music by clicking the link below to the relevant school.  If you are already familiar with search and appointment procedures and simply wish to locate a specific document, you may go directly to the library of Checklists, Forms & Templates.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

School of Architecture
School of Art

Divinity School
School of Drama 

School of Music

Institute of Sacred Music


Procedures for the following schools are not yet available.

School of Forestry and Environmental Studies
Law School
School of Management

School of Nursing


Procedures for the following schools can be found online at the Office of Faculty Affairs, Yale School of Medicine (http://medicine.yale.edu/facultyaffairs/index.aspx).

School of Medicine

School of Public Health


Online search system available

For the past several years, the Office of Faculty Administrative Services has been promoting the use of the electronic system Academic Jobs Online (AJO) to aid with gathering and tracking applications to searches.  If you would like more information about using this system or would like to schedule a demo, please contact Audrey Bribiescas or Diane Rodrigues.