Common scenarios in Workday

This is a list of common scenarios and quick steps that need to be taken in Workday.  These steps presume that you are familiar with common Workday business processes such as searching for faculty members, launching Job Changes, and updating academic appointments.

Scenario #1.  Converting a faculty member from a non-ladder appointment (e.g. research scientist/scholar, visiting professor, lecturer, etc.) to a ladder appointment.

1.  Search for the faculty member in Workday.

2.  On the left, select Academic then select the Current Appointments tab.  Scroll to the right to End the track for the current appointment. For the reason, select Change In Track -> Different Rank.  Once you’ve ended the track, return to the Current Appointments tab and click the Add button add the new appointment.

3.  Launch the Job Change either from the Actions button under the faculty member’s name.  For the reason, select Change Appointment Details. 

  • On the Job page, change the Job Profile. 
  • On the Details page, scroll down to the Academic section and, if necessary, change the Annual Work Period to “9 month AWP 9M September” and the “Disbursement Plan Period to 12 month DP July.
  • On the Compansation page, scroll down to the Salary section.  If blank, add the Academic Salary plan and add the annual amount.

Special Notes:

The instuctions above apply if the faculty member is in a supervisory org (SO) under your purview.  If not, it is best to contact the administrator for that SO to coordinate next steps. 

When adding the new appointment, use the primary position.  Even though the position may not have been updated yet, it will happen automatically when the Job Change is approved.

Scenario #2.