Faculty Search Procedures

Faculty searches are typically only conducted for tenure track and multi-year, teaching positions.  In most cases, the decision to run a faculty search is made jointly by the Office of the Provost and the relevant school dean.  Occasionally, an advisory committee may also participate in the decision. 

Basic procedures to follow

The following is a checklist of items for all faculty searches:

  1. Obtain permission from the Provost’s Office, if professional school, or Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Dean’s Office, if a FAS department.

  2. Obtain school-specific instructions for running searches from the Provost’s Office, if professional school, or online at https://fas.yale.edu, if a FAS department.

  3. Read and follow the Advertisement Checklist and Guidelines for Faculty Positions, a concise list of items for advertising faculty teaching positions as well as other academic positions.

  4. Post the position on Interfolio Faculty Searches.  Note: all open and active positions are automatically posted on the Office of the Provost website ,  Academic Job Listings (https://academicpositions.yale.edu/). 

  5. Begin documenting the recruiting and outreach plan using the Faculty Search Questionnaire (FSQ).   ALL searches require a FSQ.

  6. Prior to extending an offer to a final candidate, obtain approval of the FSQ. 

  7. To obtain the EEO report of applicant pool data from Interfolio, send an email to faculty.admin@yale.edu.

  8. Upload the FSQ along with supporting documents to the Provost’s Office SharePoint site.

  9. Once approved, you may extend an offer(s) to the selected candidate(s).

  10. The final step to every search is to close the case in Interfolio Faculty Searches.