Onboarding: Procedures for new faculty hires

“Onboarding” refers to the administrative activities that must be conducted once a new faculty member has accepted the offer to join Yale.  Below are several documents to help onboarding each faculty member.  In addition to this list, you may need to create a checklist of actions that are specific to your school, department, or the faculty member, e.g. access to labs or adding them to mailing lists.

Yale Net ID- The Yale Net ID and password grant access to the campus network and many University systems, such as email, library resources, wifi, VPN, and course management systems.  Net IDs are generated 2 times per day in Workday once the record has been approved. The pin for the Net ID can be requested 180 days in advance of the start date by authorized personnel in the department.   (Refer to ITS webpage, NetID & Password Management. Under “How Do I Get It?”, click Generate Pin Request.)