Hiring and Appointing New Faculty

Faculty Appointments - New Hires

Every faculty hire should receive an offer letter containing the specific details of the appointment and signed by an authorized dean in the Yale school that is offering the appointment.  The minimum required details include the following items:

  • Appointment rank - Matching one of the approved ranks in the Faculty Handbook
  • Appointment term - Preferably including the start and end dates
  • Compensation amount
    • Benefits statement if eligible

The new faculty hire should indicate acceptance of the offer by returning a countersigned copy the offer letter if the option is included in the letter.

Once the offer is accepted, you can enter the new hire in Workday.

NOTE:  Prior to entering any transactions in Workday, follow the procedures on the Administrative Processes page.

Relevant Workday guide: Hiring or Contracting Academics

If hiring a faculty member who does not have a pre-hire record in Workday, you may wish to use the Data Collection Form to obtain the personal information needed to create the employee record.

For additional steps  in the hiring process, go to, Onboarding: Procedures for new faculty hires.

Appointment Types (In order of most commonly used)

  • Primary
  • Fully Joint
  • Secondary
  • Dual
  • Named Professorship
  • MP Primary with Secondary
  • MP Secondary with Primary
  • Coterminous - Primary

Track Type Categories

  • Ladder
  • Non-Ladder Teaching
  • Professional Practice
  • Academic Affiliation
  • Academic Administration
  • Research
  • (Training - pre-faculty appointments, i.e. postdocs and postgrads)