Administrative Processes

Workday is the sole source for faculty appointments and employee records.  Prior to entering any information in Workday, please follow the procedures below.

Guidelines for processing transactions:

Note:  For assistance with the compensation process, go to Managing Compensation for Faculty.


  • June through September - The deadline for submitting transactions is 30 days in advance of the Effective Date.
  • October through May - The deadline for submitting transactions for a given month is the 9th of the month for FAS and the 15th of the month for all other schools in order for the change to be included in that month’s payroll.  Note: Forms that are not completed properly may result in a delay of being processed.

  1. Gather all required documents for the transaction.

    • Compensation changes or payments to faculty must include:

      • A letter or memo which includes the total amount being paid, a description of the appointment or service, and the dates of the assignment or the academic term of the appointment, and the

      • Faculty Compensation Approval Form

    • All FAS transactions must include the documents required by the FAS Dean’s Office which are listed on the FAS - Chart of Required Documents.

    • Professional School appointments require an appointment letter signed by one of the school deans.

    • Secondary appointments for which an appointment letter has not been generated require a completed Secondary Appointment Form.  Note to FAS departments:  Please follow the procedures online at

  2. If the compensation is for a faculty member who is not in your supervisory organization, in addition to send the paperwork to OFAS, you will need to send it to the supervisory organization for entry into Workday.  NOTE:  If the faculty member is being given a secondary appointment in your department, you will need to enter the academic appointment in Workday. 
  3. Submit all supporting documents as a single merged pdf document to .  Use the following format for the subject line:
    • Effective Date (m/d/yy), Faculty Member Name as it appears in Workday, Transaction Type
      • ​Example:  7/1/19, Smith, John, Reappointment
  4. ​Enter the transaction into Workday after sending all documentation to  It is helpful to OFAS staff to include the Salesforce case # in the comments section of the transaction.