Faculty Search Reporting Process (FSRP)

***New*** Faculty Search Reporting Process (FSRP)

Yale has phased out the Faculty Search Questionnaire (FSQ) with a new system for securing approvals in the search process. This Salesforce-based system is called the Faculty Search Reporting Process (FSRP).

FSRP provides transparency, helps ensure compliance with federal regulations set by the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract and Compliance Programs (OFCCP), and streamlines the Short List approval process.

A key benefit of FSRP is that the information is pulled from Interfolio via an integration.  This integration will increase efficiency by eliminating the need to re-enter search data onto a form as is the current process using the FSQ.  Departmental administrators simply need to maintain important search and applicant data in Interfolio such as position statuses, applicant statuses, and disposition codes to ensure a swift approval in FSRP.

By using FSRP, the overall proccess has been simplified from 12 steps to four:

  1. Submit text of initial ad for approval by OIEA and the Provost’s Office (Interfolio)
  2. Submit shortlist for dean’s and provostial approval (FSRP)
  3. Submit evidence of nationwide advertising (only one) (FSRP)
  4. Identify the outcome of every applicant’s status at every stage of the review process (from a drop-down menu) within Interfolio for compliance purposes.

We invite you to use this new FSRP system this semester.  Please send an email to faculty.admin@yale.edu request access and be sure to view the training slides in the left menu area.  

If you have access you, you can log on with the following link: https://yale-hr.lightning.force.com/