Leave Codes and Workday Leave Types

The  leave codes below are used on the Workday reports, “Academic - Ladder Faculty Leaves By Term - Yale” and “Academic - Non-Ladder Faculty Leaves By Term - Yale.”  Note:  In some cases, the same code is used for multiple leave types.

Code      Workday Leave Type

APHT     Half time - Associate Professor Leave (FAS only)

APL         Associate Professor Leave

CRG        Caregiver (FMLA Only) – Unpaid

CRL         Child-Rearing – Unpaid

IAHT      Half time - Initial Appointment Leave (FAS only)

IAL           Initial Appointment Leave

JFF           Junior Faculty Fellowship

LTD         Long-term Disability

MSD       Faculty Short-Term Medical Disability

PDL         Professional Development Non-Ladder

PR            Phased Retirement Work Reduction

PSL          Public Service or Military – Unpaid

RAHT     Half time - Reappointment Leave (FAS only)

RAL         Reappointment Leave

RPL          Research Faculty Parental

SAB         Faculty Sabbatical - Up to 12 Month

SAB         Faculty Sabbatical - Up to 6 Month

SAL2       Teaching Relief for Learning (part of FAS Scholars as Learners)

SEC          Secondment

SFF          Senior Faculty Fellowship

SNL         Special Non-Ladder Leave

SPL          Faculty Special

STL          Faculty Special Triennial

STSR       Special Triennial - Slide Rule (FAS only)

TLA         Faculty Triennial

TRC         Teaching Relief Child Rearing

TSR          Triennial Leave - Slide Rule (FAS only)

WOS       Leave Without Salary

WOY       Leave Without Yale Salary (external funds paid through Yale)