Offboarding: Procedures for faculty departures

“Offboarding” refers to the administrative activities that must be conducted when a faculty member ends his or her employment with the University.  This includes term ending with no reappointment, resignation, retirement, and the death of a faculty member.  In every case, we advise you to consult the Faculty Handbook for policies governing that particular activity, especially for the timing of reviews and notifications for term appointments.

  • If the faculty member is terminating on the appointment end date in Workday, no additional paperwork is necessary.
  • If the faculty member is resigning earlier than the appointment end date in Workday or the faculty member is tenured, you must obtain a resignation memo from the faculty member and submit this to

Termination steps:

  • If the termination date is earlier than the appointment end date, you will need to submit to one of the following:
    • a resignation or retirement memo or letter from the faculty member, or
    • a termination notice from the supervisor to the faculty member.
  • The Workday @ Yale training site contains a guide for terminating faculty: Termination/Separation: Employee (Academic).  Essentially, you will always begin by terminating the employee record.  Then, you will end all academic appointments.
  • If the faculty member holds appointments in other departments, be sure to notify the other departments of the departure.

The University Termination Checklist provides a fundamental list of actions that might need to be taken for each departure.  In addition to this list, you may need to create a checklist of actions that apply to your school, department, and the specific area of the faculty member, e.g. removal from school or department website and directories, mailing lists, removal of access to labs, etc.

Email accounts - For faculty, email remains active for 60 days following the termination date. 

Building Access - Access to buildings is manually terminated approximately 10 days following the termination date.  However, the department may request an extension as well as an earlier termination.

Supervisory Organizations (SO) - If the faculty member has a SO(s) in Workday, this will need to be closed.  Begin by moving members, closing positions and requisitions, then send email to to close the SO(s).