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Charging and compensation resources

Annual Salary Calculator
- This is a simple tool for determining the Scheduled Weekly Hours and FTE Annual Salary to enter into Workday for part-time faculty.

Compensation Worksheet - Part time, Full year
 Use for faculty whose primary appointment spans both academic semesters.

Compensation Worksheet - Part time, Half Year
- Use for faculty
whose compensation will change from fall to the spring.  

Compensation Worksheet - Full time Researcher or Postdoc
 Full-time researchers and postdocs must have their effort reduced when teaching a course.  Use this worksheet to calculate the new compensation with an accommodation for the teaching compensation.  

Compensation Worksheet - Fixed salary base
- Use when the rank has a fixed base
.  This worksheet will provide the closest FTE to generate the compensation. 

Faculty Compensation Approval Form - Use this form for all transactions involving compensation.


Monthly Information Session Presentations


Related websites and contacts:

FAS Appointments Committees-

Pamela Bosward, FAS Dean’s Office, 203-432-3074

FAS Cognizant Dean and Divisional Director List
FAS Dean’s Office - Who we are 
Office of Equal Opportunity Programs (OEOP) 

Valarie Stanley, Director, 203-432-0853

Office of International Student & Scholar (OISS)

Ann Kuhlman, Director, 203-432-9686

Parker Emerson, Associate Director, 203-432-2306

Office of the Provost 

Salaries and Compensation:

Kathy Schoonmaker, Director of Business Operations, 203-432-8723

Abigail Scott, Manager, 203-436-8833

Postdoctoral Affairs Office

John Alvaro, Director, 203-785-3735


SharePoint for uploading search materials and documents for application and promotion reviews

University Leadership and the Yale Corporation By-Laws