Administrative Processes

On July 1, 2015, Workday became our system of record for human resources and payroll as well as all faculty appointment and compensation information.  In place of entering faculty appointment and compensation information onto forms to be sent to the Office of Faculty Administrative Services (OFAS), you will enter this information directly into Workday.  NOTE:  For all transactions involving compensation you must complete the Charging Instructions for Faculty Compensation form and send this to OFAS.  This form is used to obtain the necessary approvals from the Provost’s Office as well as to provide us with the charging instructions (labor scheduling).

If you wish, you may continue to use the forms below as worksheets for gathering the information that you need to enter into Workday.  Please do not send these forms to OFAS.  For each form below, the name of the guide for completing the Workday process is included.  All of the Workday guides are on the Workday@Yale training site.

General guidelines:

Note:  For assistance with the compensation process, go to Managing Compensation for Faculty.

  • The deadline for submitting compensation information for a given month is the 9th of the month for FAS and the 15th of the month for all other schools in order for the change to be included in that month’s payroll.  Forms that are not completed properly may result in a delay of being processed.
  • If the compensation is for a faculty member who is not in your supervisory organization, you will need to send the form to the supervisory organization for entry into Workday.  NOTE:  If the faculty member is being given a secondary appointment in your department, you will need to enter only the academic appointment into Workday. 
  • Submit all supporting documentation to as a complete packet.  Use the following format for the subject line:
    • Faculty Member Last Name, First Name, Transaction Type, Effective Date (mm/dd/yy)
      • ​Example:  Smith, John, Reappointment, 7/1/16
  • ​Enter the transaction into Workday after sending all documentation to  It would be helpful to OFAS staff if you include the Salesforce case # in the comments section of the transaction.

 The faculty forms with an asterisk are no longer required and are no longer available for selection because these activities are being conducted in Workday.   

*Faculty Appointment Form
*Faculty Data Change Form
*Faculty Data Collection Form, Part 1
Faculty Data Collection Form, Part 2 - The only form that remains is the Faculty Data Collection Form, Part 2 for the purpose of collecting faculty information for a new hire.
Faculty Extra Compensation Form
*Faculty Leave Form
Faculty Search Questionnaire (FSQ)
Faculty Summer Compensation Form
*Faculty Termination Form

*Forms replaced by a Workday business process.  Refer to the section below for a link to the guide.

*Faculty Appointment Form (3501 FR.56)

Legacy form uses and corresponding Workday guides for the new process:

(1) Recording a promotion for a faculty member.  Change Job: In Track Promotion (Academic)

(2) Re-appointing a faculty member to a primary, fully joint, or secondary appointment. Academic: Managing Appointments, and Manage Compensation (Academic) or Change Job: Work Week FTE/Location (Academic), if there is any other change to the job.

(3) Providing a faculty member with an initial secondary appointment.  Academic: Managing Appointments

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*Faculty Data Change Form (3501 FR.08G)

Relevant Workday guide (s):  Change Job: Work Week FTE/Location (Academic),  Manage Compensation (Academic) and/or Academic: Managing Appointmentsdepending on the type of change.

Legacy form uses: This form was used for making changes to appointment or compensation information that was previously submitted on another form.  In Workday, you may often use the “Correct” option to make a change to a previously approved business process. 

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*Faculty Data Collection Form (3501 FR.09) part 1 - appointment information; completed by the department administrator

Faculty Data Collection Form (3501 FR.09) part 2 - faculty personal information and is intended to be sent to the faculty member for completion

Uses:  (1) Creating a brand new faculty record. (2) Re-activating a faculty record for a faculty member who is returning to Yale after having been away for one year or more.  Create Job Req: Academic: Hire Faculty (Non-STARS)

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Faculty Extra Compensation

All extra compensation should receive prior approval of the Provost’s Office.  To obtain the approval, complete the Provostial Pre-Approval for Faculty Extra Compensation and submit it to Manage Compensation (Academic)

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*Faculty Leave Form (3501 FR.08C)

Relevant Workday guide: Leave of Absence: Academic (Time Off)

Legacy form uses:  (1) Placing a faculty member on leave, recording teaching relief for a specific period of time, or recording the work reduction plan for faculty on phased retirement. (2) Changing or cancelling a leave, teaching relief, or work reduction that was previously submitted. 

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Faculty Search Questionnaire

Uses:  Reporting the results of a ladder faculty search and providing a detailed account of the outreach plan and recruitment efforts.  This does not have a corresponding Workday process at the current time.


  • Please follow the instructions at the top of the form.  The form must be submitted as a Word document and the supporting materials as a single pdf document.
  • Offers cannot be made to the candidate until this form has been approved.

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Faculty Summer Compensation Form (3501 FR.08E)

Uses:  Providing a faculty member with compensation for work conducted during the months of June, July, and/or August, as well as programs that begin in May and span through the summer.  The form is completed and submitted by the “paying” department.


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Faculty Termination

Relevant Workday guide(s):  Termination/Separation: Employee (Academic) or Termination/Separation: Contingent Worker


  • Terminate the employee record before ending the academic appointment.
  • Resignations - If the faculty member is resigning earlier than the term end date or has tenure, you must obtain a letter or email of resignation from him or her containing the anticipated last date of work and send it to
  • Retirements - If the faculty member has been tenured for at least 10 years, and the years of service plus age equals 75 or greater, he or she is eligible for emeritus status.  This is NOT a termination.  This is a change in track from Ladder to Administrative -> Emeritus.

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