Faculty Forms Descriptions

The forms below are used for processing faculty administrative transactions.  This page includes a brief description of each form as well as tips for completing each form. 

General guidelines:

  • Prior to completing any form, use the Faculty Information System (FIS) to check for existing information regarding the faculty member.  The information in the system may need to be included on the form or may influence other information on the form.  For example, a  full-time researcher who is being appointed as a lecturer will need to have the charging adjusted.
  • Complete the form in its entirety.  If you do not know the answer to a specific section of the form, consult your local business office or contact the Office of Faculty Administrative Services. 
  • Attach all required documents for the particular transaction.
  • Consider using the Non-ladder Faculty Calculation Worksheet to assist with the salary section of the form.
  • If the form contains a PTAEO for charging the salary, you must run the PTAEO Validator to verify that the account is active and that it will be active for the duration of the appointment.
  • All of these forms require local approval as well as an approval from the Provost’s Office.
    • In the Faculty of Arts and Sciences the local approver is the department chair. 
    • In the professional schools, the local approver is often a dean affiliated with academic administration for the school.
  • Forms that are not completed properly may result in a delay of being processed.
  • All forms and their supporting documentation should be submitted to faculty.admin@yale.edu.  The only forms that should not be submitted via email are those containing social security numbers such as the Faculty Data Collection Form.

List of faculty forms:

Faculty Appointment Form
Faculty Data Change Form
Faculty Data Collection Form
Faculty Extra Compensation Form
Faculty Leave Form
Faculty Search Questionnaire (FSQ)
Faculty Summer Compensation Form
Faculty Termination Form

Faculty Appointment Form (3501 FR.56)

Note: This form has replaced both the Faculty Promotion Form (3501 FR.08B) and the Faculty Reappointment Form (3501 FR.08A).

Uses: (1) Recording a promotion for a faculty member. (2) Re-appointing a faculty member to a primary, fully joint, or secondary appointment. (3) Providing a faculty member with an initial secondary appointment.


  • Be sure to include all other appointments for which the rank must be changed.
  • This form will require local approval from all departments or schools included in the appointments section.

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Faculty Data Change Form (3501 FR.08G)

Uses:  Making changes to an existing appointment or compensation or a future appointment or compensation that was previously submitted on another form.  Essentially, the information had already been submitted on another form.


  • This form is only used for making changes to existing appointments or compensation. 
  • Use the Faculty Leave Form to make changes to faculty leaves or teaching relief.
  • Use the Faculty Appointment Form to add new fully joint or secondary appointments to an existing faculty member’s record.  
  • Occasionally, a ladder faculty member will receive a research appointment prior to his or her regular appointment for the purpose of transferring grants or establishing a lab.  Use form to create this additional appointment.

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Faculty Data Collection Form (3501 FR.09) part 1 of 2

Faculty Data Collection Form (3501 FR.09) part 2 of 2

Note:  The former Faculty Data Collection Form has been converted into two parts.  Part 1 contains appointment information and is to be completed by the department administrator.  Part 2 contains the faculty personal information and is intended to be sent to the faculty member for completion.  Both parts must be submitted simultaneously.

Uses:  (1) Creating a brand new faculty record. (2) Re-activating a faculty record for a faculty member who is returning to Yale after having been away for one year or more.


  • Parts 1 and 2 must be submitted simultaneously to faculty.admin@yale.edu.
  • Required fields are flagged with an asterisk. 
  • Many fields are set to pre-populate with information entered elsewhere on the form.  Therefore, entering information from top to bottom is generally more efficient.
  • If you wish to create the faculty record in the system, it’s fine to submit this form without the salary information if it is not yet known.  When the salary is known, submit a Faculty Data Change Form containing the compensation and charging instructions.
  • Occasionally, a ladder faculty member will receive a research appointment prior to his or her regular appointment for the purpose of transferring grants or establishing a lab.  In this case, use the Faculty Data Change Form to create this additional appointment.

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Faculty Extra Compensation Form (3501 FR.08F)

Uses:  Providing an active faculty member with additional compensation for services rendered.

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Faculty Leave Form (3501 FR.08C)

Uses:  (1) Placing a faculty member on leave, recording teaching relief for a specific period of time, or recording the work reduction plan for faculty on phased retirement. (2) Changing or cancelling a leave, teaching relief, or work reduction that was previously submitted.


  • If changing or cancelling a leave, there is no need to enter any information in the “New or Revised Leave Information” section unless the item being changed is the type of leave.
  • With the exception of Short-term Medical Disability leaves, all leave dates for ladder faculty coincide with start or end of a term, that is, they will start on either January 1 or July 1 and end on either June 30 or December 31.  No other dates should be used for start dates and end dates.

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Faculty Search Questionnaire

Uses:  Reporting the results of a faculty search and providing a detailed account of the outreach plan and recruitment efforts.


  • Please follow the instructions at the top form.  The form must be submitted as a Word document and the supporting materials as a single pdf document.

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Faculty Summer Compensation Form (3501 FR.08E)

Uses:  Providing a faculty member with compensation for work conducted during the months of June, July, and/or August.


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  Faculty Termination Form (3501 FR.08D)


(1) Recording the death of a faculty member.

  • Enter the date of the death.  The date recorded may impact benefits.

(2) Indicating that a faculty member who was made an offer to come to Yale has declined the offer.

  • In order to add the faculty member to the Corporation vote list, we must create the faculty record in Oracle.  Therefore, you will need to notify us as soon as possible if the faculty member declines Yale’s offer in order to terminate the record.

(3) Recording a faculty resignation.

  • Please request a written resignation letter or email from the faculty member and submit this with the form.

(4) Recording the retirement of a faculty member, this include faculty who were on a phased retirement plan. 

(5) Terminating a faculty member.

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