Additional Information, Useful Links & Contact Lists

Compensation and charging resources, FAS appointment committees, other contacts with related websites. 

Checklists, Forms & Templates

Search for a particular form, checklist or template by filtering on a school, activity and/or rank. Or, view the page Faculty Forms Descriptions for tips on completing a form.


Faculty Information System (FIS) and Classes V2 (has been replaced by Canvas)

Learn about FIS, access to FIS with the access request form.  Also, view reference guides. Soon to be phased out. 

Leaves & Teaching Relief

Information on faculty leaves and teaching relief. 

Onboarding and Offboarding Procedures

Information on the arrivals and departures.

Reappointments & Promotions

Information on faculty re-appointments and promotions.

Faculty Searches  
Searches & Appointments

Information on faculty searches and appointments. Plus, search faculty positions