Additional Information, Useful Links & Contact Lists

Compensation and charging resources, FAS appointment committees, other contacts with related websites. 

Checklists, Forms & Templates

Search for a particular form, checklist or template by filtering on a school, activity and/or rank. Or, view the page Faculty Forms Descriptions for tips on completing a form.


Faculty Information System (FIS) and Classes V2

Learn about FIS, access to FIS with the access request form.  Also, view reference guides. Soon to be phased out. 

Leaves & Teaching Relief

Information on faculty leaves and teaching relief. 

Onboarding and Offboarding Procedures

Information on the arrivals and departures.

Reappointments & Promotions

Information on faculty re-appointments and promotions.

Faculty Searches  
Searches & Appointments

Information on faculty searches and appointments. Plus, search faculty positions