Leaves & Teaching Relief

Faculty Leaves and Teaching Relief

Policies regarding faculty leaves of absence and teaching relief for all Yale schools are located in the Faculty Handbook, section XVII.

Note: For procedures in the Schools of Medicine and Public Health, please consult the Office of Faculty Affairs, Yale School of Medicine (http://medicine.yale.edu/facultyaffairs/index.aspx). 

General Procedures:

  1. The faculty member submits the request using the form, “Request for Faculty Leave or Teaching Relief”:   
           Academic Year 2023-24 versions:

           Academic Year 2022-23 versions:

  2. All requests are then submitted to Diane Rodrigues(diane.rodrigues@yale.edu), OFAS, for an eligibility review. 
  3. OFAS will send to either the FAS Dean’s Office or the Provost’s Office for approval.
  4. In FAS, the deans send approvals directly to the faculty member.  In the professional schools, approvals are sent to the school dean to communicate to the faculty member.  Template approval letters are provided upon request.
  5. Upon approval of the leave request, the department administrator enters the leave in Workday.  For assistance with this business process, refer to the Workday guide, “Leave of Absence: Academic”. 
    • Click here for a list of leave codes and matching types.
    • Note:  All academic leaves must begin on either July 1 or January 1 and must end on either June 30 or December 31.  Exceptions are made for faculty taking unpaid leaves and need to receive summer compensation.  The costing treatment, FacSabbatical, should also use cover the same period.

For detailed procedures of the FAS academic leave process, refer to the FAS Dean’s Office site for non-tenured ladder faculty leaves.



  • Requests for changes must be resubmitted to either the FAS Dean’s Office or the Provost’s Office for approval.
  • If the leave has already been entered in Workday, OFAS will make the necessary changes.

NOTE:  Costing changes will need to be updated manually in Workday if changes are made to research leaves.  Corrections to leave dates do not trigger a costing task.

Additional procedures for requesting certain leaves or time off

Junior Faculty Fellowships, Morse Leaves, Initial Appointment Leaves, Reappointment Leaves, and Associate Professor Leaves - These are paid research leaves for tenure-track faculty (Assistant Professors and Associate Professors on term).  The procedures for applying for these leaves are established and communicated by each school’s dean’s office. 

Professional Development Leave (FAS only) - This leave is offered to instructional (non-ladder teaching) faculty in FAS.  A description of eligibility and the procedures for applying are online at https://facultyadmin.yale.edu/resources/leaves-teaching-relief/fas-professional-development-leave-policy-non-ladder-faculty.

Secondment - Submit a letter or memo of approval from the Provost’s Office.

Short-term medical disability - Submit a letter from the faculty member’s physician documenting the nature and duration of the disability in order to determine the appropriate accommodation and arrangements.  The letter must contain the following details:

•   Letterhead from the physician’s practice
•   Start and anticipated end dates
•   Job functions that are affected by the medical condition or its treatment
•   Confirmation that the employee is unable to perform essential functions of his or her job
•   Frequency of time off – intermittent or continuous (if intermittent, the number of hours per day and/or number of days per week)
•   Accommodations needed, if any

For additional information, refer to the Faculty Handbook, section XXI.E.

Special Triennial Leave - Requires proof of funding from an external fellowship.  The funding must cover a minimum of one term, therefore, along with the leave request form, the faculty member must provide documentation that includes the dates covered by the funding.

Teaching Relief for Child Rearing - The faculty member only needs to submit the Request for Faculty Leave and Teaching Relief and include the date of the birth or adoption.

Notes regarding unpaid leaves:

  • While on unpaid leave, the system will prevent the faculty member from receiving any compensation from Yale, including summer compensation.  Therefore, if the faculty member needs to receive summer compensation, please send an email to faculty.admin@yale.edu to make arrangements.
  • Health Coverage: Health coverage for faculty members on unpaid leave will continue without interruption. The premiums will be covered by Yale and will go into arrears. When the faculty member’s compensation resumes after the leave, the amount owed will be deducted from the faculty member’s pay one month at a time until fully repaid.
  • Disability Insurance: The University will continue to provide, at no cost to the individual, insurance as partial protection against loss of income and retirement benefits resulting from long-term disability.
  • Retirement Annuities: Both faculty and University contributions to retirement accounts are suspended during an unpaid leave of absence.
  • Scholarship Plan for Sons and Daughters of the Faculty and Staff: During an unpaid leave, a faculty member’s children are not eligible to receive scholarship awards under the University’s Scholarship Plan for Sons and Daughters. An unpaid leave does not count as a disruption of continuous University employment, but time spent on unpaid leave with outside employment does not count toward the six years of continuous full-time service that are required for eligibility in the Scholarship Plan.
  • Payroll Deductions to Third Parties: Faculty on unpaid leave should make arrangements with the appropriate office to maintain or discontinue, as desired, payments normally made by payroll deductions to third parties, such as the Yale Credit Union, the Yale Parking Service, and banks participating in the University Mortgage Program.
  • Tuition Benefit: Faculty on unpaid leave and their spouses will continue to be eligible for tuition benefits on the same terms as those for faculty not on leave.