Additional compensation for additional work

Full-time faculty (100% FTE)  Additional compensation for full-time faculty is paid as extra compensation.  Extra compensation must be pre-approved by the Provost’s Office in advance of the event using the Provostial Pre-Approval for Faculty Extra Compensation.

Part-time faculty (FTE < 100%)  Additional compensation and work for part-time faculty must be added to the regular salary and FTE. 

  • Faculty may not work more than 40 hours per week (100% FTE).
  • Part-time faculty members who have an FTE of 50% or greater are eligible to enroll in Yale’s health plans and accordingly their salary is assessed a higher fringe rate.

Use the spreasheets below to assist with calculating compensation for part-time faculty with additional assignments.

Annual Salary Calculator

This spreadsheet contains three different worksheets for calculating the compensation related elements that need to be entered into Workday. Each worksheet contains instructions for use as well as a sample of its use.

Compensation Worksheet - Part time, Full year

Use for part-time faculty members who have multiple paid assignments and at least one spans both academic semesters.

Compensation Worksheet - Part time, Half Year

Use for part-time faculty members who have multiple single-term appointments.  

Compensation Worksheet - Full time Researcher or Postdoc

Full-time researchers and postdocs must have their effort reduced when teaching a course.  Use this worksheet to calculate the new compensation with an accommodation for the teaching compensation.