Reappointments and Promotions

The Faculty Handbook contains the  policies and procedures governing faculty reappointments and promotions for each school at Yale.

Reappointments and promotions are tracked in Workday, the official record of faculty appointments.  For guidance on entering these in Workday, refer to the following resources. 

NOTE:  Prior to entering any transactions in Workday, follow the procedures on the Administrative Processes page

  • Workday guides:

(1) Reappointment of primary, fully joint, or secondary appointment. Academic: Managing Appointments, and Manage Compensation (Academic) or Change Job: Work Week FTE/Location (Academic), if there is any other change to the job.

(2) Promotions:  Change Job: In Track Promotion (Academic) or Change Job: Change in Track (Academic).

(3) Adding an initial Secondary appointment:  Academic: Managing Appointments