Extra Compensation: One-Time and On-going Payments

Faculty Extra Compensation

All extra compensation, one-time and on-going, should receive prior approval of the Provost’s Office.  To obtain the approval, complete the Request for Pre-Approval for Faculty Extra Compensation and submit it to faculty.admin@yale.edu.

For assistance with entering in Workday refer to Manage Compensation (Academic).

Faculty who are between appointments may need to be paid as an Academic Services Provider.  The conditions are as follows:

a. If someone has not been on Yale payroll this calendar year, and they do something that would qualify for an honorarium (but on it’s own would not make them an employee), then they should be paid as a vendor via accounts payable.
b. If someone has already been on Yale payroll during the calendar year (say, in the spring) and their appointment ends (say, in May), and then later (say, in October) they do something that would qualify for an honorarium, they must be paid via Yale payroll. This is the scenario where we would make them an Academic Service Provider.