Creating a case

Log in to Create a Case 

via the link,

  • Click, Cases on the left side, under the section Review, Promotion and Tenure
  • Click, Create Case (the words not the drop down arrow)
  • Search and Select the Candidate  (If this is an appointment case, a non-Yale person, you will need to add the user name.)
  • Next,  Yes or No to the question - Will the candidate be involved in this evaluation?  (NOTE: as stated this cannot be changed once submitted. Choose wisely; contact your faculty affairs office or for assistance. For the School of FAS, select, Yes. )
  • Select Unit and Click Confirm
  • Scroll, Select the appropriate and specially designed template by clicking on the title (Do NOT use the Blank Case.  If the wrong template was selected or if you have questions, contact: )

Example:  Select the template by clicking on the title 

Next follow through the pages:

Case Information-

Enter the appropriate information in the fields: 

  • Type:  Be sure to select the correct type such as, Promotion, Reappointment, Appointment, etc.   If uncertain, contact your office of faculty support.

  • Confirm the Candidate’s First Name, Last Name, and email address 

  • Confirm,  the selection for - Will the candidate be involved in this evaluation? 

  • If there is a Case Data Form, click on the word, Answer,  to proceed to the form to fill it out.  Else, skip the Case Data Forms and Click Continue. 

Candidte Requirements -  

  • This is the section for the candidate and all informaion and documents in this section can be seen by the candidate.  

  • In this area, enter the Due date, the Candidate’s  Instructions (copy and paste a shorter more concise version of the letter to candidate and upload a full version of the letter as a documnt in the candidate section)

  • Packet Requirments: this section lists the required documents (should match what’s in the letter or instructions).  Best to deselect the checkbox that allows the candidate to add their own sections to the packet.  If needed, it can be set later.   

  • Any materials to this area can be added by a department administrator or the candidate. 

  • If no was selected for candidate’s involvment, the case will by-pass the candidate requitments section; no candidate instruction, no due date.  The next page will be Internal Case Sections.   (Contact your faculty affairs office or OFAS if you need assistance.)

NOTE: The Candidate Packet area, as explained above -  Any materials added to the candidate packet will be visible to the candidate and available for them to use in their current case. The candidate will be able to replace or delete any files in an unlocked section before they submit.  (Contact your faculty affairs office if you need assistance.) 

Internal Case Sections -

  • The Committee Documents and  External Evaluations sections already exist some may see a section title, About this case; just click Continue at the bottom.   

  • Do not delete a section

  • Should another section be added, NOTE:  Unlike the sections created in the Candidate area,  sections in this area or those added, are not visible to the candidate. These sections are to help committee members or individual users organize the materials they add as part of the review. You can set up specific requirements for the reviewers of the case in the Case Review Steps.  

Case Review Steps - 

Case Review Steps are the workflow of a case.  Who, what groups or committess need to review the candidate’s packet of material?  Who needs to see it first and then after them and then after them and so on. Every review step needs to have at least one committee and every committee needs to have at least one member. 

  • This section should aleady be set up and no changes are needed since we use templates.  Contact your Faculty Affairs office or faculty.
  • Depending on your department or the case type, some steps will need updates, for example, the Faculty Review, the Vote Results.  
  • If any changes are needed, contact your faculty affairs office or for assistance.

Case Summary - 

This is your chance to view the whole setup of case at a glance.   It separates the sections to help identify the areas and to provide easy access to make any edits. 

In the example below, this case said Yes, to the question  - “Will the candidate be involved in this evaluation? ” This is why there is the Candidate Requirments section (NOTE: any documents in this area will be seen by the candidate.) unlike the Internal Case Section (documents in this area will only be seen by the review commitees and administrators.)   If you need assistance, contact your local faculty dean’s office or