Notify the Candidate

This functionality is important to know since it promotes the candidate to be active with their case.  Please be sure to notice and read thoroughly  the question  - ”Will the candidate be involved in this evaluation?” 

Notify the Candidate - when and why?

  • When? - when the candidate has been here at Yale and is going up for a promotion or reappointment.   It is encouraged to select, Yes, to the question - “Will the candidate be involved in this evaluation?” when creating a case.  

  • Why? - because this method allows the candidate to quickly and easily assemble the packet of materials in support of their candidacy. It is as simple to use this system and submit these materials online as it is to send email attachments.   A, “Yes” to being involved in their evaluation means:

    • The Candidate can submit their own materials.
    • The Candidate will have access to their candidate packet.
    • The functionality to communicate with the candidate during this evaluation period will be an option. 
  • When not to notify? -  it is becoming more acceptable to notify a candidate but an exception might be when the candidate is new and external to Yale; found via a search and coming to Yale.  Typically, one would select No, to the question - “Will the candidate be involved in this evaluation?” when creating a case. 

  • Why? - because that individual would have been selected from a search and would have already provided some of the materials and those would be the documents that get added to their RPT Case to the Candidate Material section.    

 In short and from Interfolio’s site - Choose carefully when setting this option - things  to consider:

  •  You must choose Yes if you may need the candidate to have access to their case at ANY point in the workflow.
  • If you select No at this step you cannot go back and change this setting under any circumstance.
  • If you choose No, the candidate cannot access their case at any point in the workflow, now or in the future.
  • If you choose No but need the candidate to have access later on, you will have to create the case again.

Notify the candidate, when Yes is checked, to allow the candidate’s involvement 

After creating the case, you will be returned to a window summarizing the case details.  Review the case one more time especially the email address of the candidate, the proper letter with the instructions to candidate and the correct document requirements. 

  • Click the Return to Case button, upper right. 

  • You will land on the Case Materials page; Click on Case Details to see the status Reviewing As:  it will list, Case is Being Created.  You will need to send case forward to notify candidate or to the first step of the case. Either way it should be moved it out of the status, Case is Being Created. 

  • Click,  Send Case button, upper right.

  • Select Candidate, Notify Candidate or Forward to.

  • Select the checkbox to Include a personal message with this email. Include your message. 

  • Click Send lower right of the pop-up window.  The status,  Reviewing as: will state, Case is With Candidate  or the name of the first step. (you may need to do a refresh of the page).

Next, monitor around the due date and remind the candidate to submit their packet.  This submission from the candidate is what moves the case into the first review step.  For most, this will be to the Department Chair and Chair’s Assistant or (Dean and Dean’s Assistant).  Now the case will be ready for you to move forward throuh all the steps in the case.

Provide this link to the - Candidate’s Guide to Interfolio Review, Promotion, and Tenure - found on the Interfolio support pages -