Allow applicants to apply to your search

You must do the following after completing the six set-up steps in order for applicants to be able to apply online.

Do the following after completing the the six set-up steps (and after the position has been approved, if there is *approval workflow.)

  • Allow Applicants to apply 

    • Click on Position Actions, upper right corner

    • Select, Edit Position

    • Under “This Position is:” section, enter the Open date

    • Set a Close date.  A good practice is set a close date a year out from the open date.  The position should be assigned a close date especially, before it is closed to archive.

    • Set the “Apply Now” page to Published

    • Under “Position Status:”  section set an initial status for your position to Accepting Applications

      • this status can and should be changed as search progresses to the other position status from drop down list.

    • A way to see if these steps are done correclty is to see if your position is listed on the Academic Job Listings, Office of the Provost site

Obtain the Position URL - (the link).

  • This URL is IMPORTANT.  Use this link for the required and proper ADVERTISEMENT(S) of the search.  NOTE: Interfolio is not a form of advertisement.
  • The two ways to get this unique position url link, both are from the Application List page:

  1. Click the Edit Position and under Position Actions - upper right. Under “This Position is:” section, the last line will be the position url (i.e. http:/ /

  2. Click the View Position Details  and under Position Actions, select, , on the pop up window, the Position URL will be listed. i.e. http:/ /

*Note: All Medical School positions need to be approved by OAPD, Faculty Affairs Office, as well as all FAS units will need approval by Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dean’s Office.  Hence, you will need to click the Edit Position from the Position Actions upper right on the Applicant List screen to do the post set-up edits noted above.