Steps to Close a Posting to Archive

The Search has ended, now what? 

The search has come to an end, perhaps there was a short list, all the interviews have wrapped up and  there is completed and approved FSQ and hopefully you’re now moving on to put a new person or two into Workday.  Or, maybe not.  Maybe this time the search didn’t find anyone to fulfill the position.  Either way, the position needs to be closed to archive and if there is an FSQ then the correct applicants need to be identified as hired, offer declined or withdrew before offer

We close the position to archive it and to help keep the university in compliance with the US Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP). Every institution that deals with or has federal contract and grants, needs to be in compliance with the laws and regulations by the OFCCP.

Steps to close and archive a position.

  • Click on the title/name of the position from the Position list. Note, the position status should be Position Closed and a closed date should be set.

  • From the upper right corner, select the Close Position at the very bottom of the Position Actions drop down menu.  A two step process window will pop open.

  • First step will ask - Was an applicant selected?   

    • A Yes, includes anyone that was selected but declined the offer, or withdrew before an offer was made, or was hired.  

    • If yes, click the radio button next to, Yes.  This will produce a search field. Identify the applicant(s) and  enter each name to find  and click, Add. 

    • If no one was selected,  click the radio button next to, No.  This will produce a Notes box. Enter a brief description why no one was selected.

    • Click continue

  • ​Second step - Complete the Search 

    • ​Will show you the Position Status - should be Position Closed.  (If not, correct it) 

    • Click the Finish button - no need to send a message to all applicants with this change.


This completes the process to archive the position and removes it off of the active positions list as well as the Academic Job Listings, Office of the Provost.