Log in to Interfolio to add a new Position


Log in; click Postion on the left; click +New Position on the right.

Please note, Chrome is the browser of choice for Interfolio as well as Workday.

  • Use the url https://account.interfolio.com/sso to log in.

  • All Yale University members need to use this single sign-on link (sso) or select Partner Institution.  

  • Select Yale University in the drop down list from the “Search for or select your institution” field.

  • Sign in with your Yale NetID and password - if you are not already using CAS, the Yale Central Authentication Service (CAS) screen will pop open.

  • Click Positions under Faculty Search on the left side of the window

  • Select  + New Position in the upper right, and be sure to select your UNIT (i.e. History, Neurosurgery) and then click on the Create New Position.  

  • Follow through the six steps to set up a position; click for more instructions