Emailing applicant(s)

Unit administrators as well as committee managers  can  easily email applicants individually or email a group of applicants by using the email function available from the red menu bar. 

Select and click on the title of the search position to open it to the applicants list page.

Email one applicant:

  • Click on the person’s name from the list of applicants. This will open their application; in the upper left, their name will be shown. 
  • Use the Actions drop down menu, upper right corner, and select Email applicant.  
  • An Email Applicants window will pop up. 
  • Skip the Select a Message Template 
  • Go to the Subject field and enter the text of subjet line
  • Enter your message in the Body section. 
  • You have the option to Preview or just Send at the bottom right of the window.  

Email more than one applicant:

BE SURE the whole list of all the applicants are showing on one page by Selecting All in the lower left on the applicants list -  (If you have already Archived those applicants that did not make the cut, use your filter first to select Yes under Archived: then scroll to the bottom of that Applicant list page and on the left, click the arrow to select All. )

  • Check the box on the left, next to Applicant Name, column title.  This will select all names in the list of applicants. 
  • BE SURE to deselect (un-check the box next to the person’s name) if that individual is not to receive an email. This where the applicant status is usuful to help identify.
  • Select the Email button from the red menu bar that appeared.
  • An Email Applicants window will pop up. Note - all the names of all applicants to receive this email will be listed- check this list to be sure you have all the correct names.  No applicant will see the email addres nor the names of the other applicants; Message only goes to the individual.
  •  You have an option to change the reply email address if you like.
  • Skip the Select a Message Template. – most uses a message relevant to the current search and not a template message.
  • Go to the Subject field and enter text there-  i.e. Yale – title of the search
  • Enter your message in the Body section.  Note, you have the option to insert placeholder (similar to a variable) for: applicantName, positionName or unitName.
  • Click Preview or just Send (bottom right of the window) when ready.  

As a reminder, a good way to verify the count of recipients matches your list, you can view log files of messages sent ; be sure to click on Download (CSV); open file in Excel for a quick view and count. 

NOTE: this is not an email client , hence functionality is not similar to using sent messages via an email client such as MS Outlook. 

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