Interfolio - Managing Cases

Interfolio: Managing Cases for Reappointments, Promotions or Appointments to Tenure (RPT)

Interfolio is a secure online system used for faculty reviews for reappointments, promotions, and appointments to tenure cases.  Below is a list outlining the process for managing cases in Intefolio for reappointments or promotions (internal candidates already here at Yale) or appointments to tenure (external candidate, incoming to Yale). Click on each of links for for detailed information. 

Identify Who is up for a Reappointment, Promotion or an Appoitment 

Notify the Candidate - when and why?

Create a Case in Interfolio Using the Appropriate Template

As a reminder, please do not use the Blank Case template (Custom Workflow).  Select a template that has been built for your unit for creating  cases.

Request External Evaluations

Edit a Case to: upload Documents, add a committee to a step, or add a person to a committee

Committees - these are the groups used in a review step

Move the Case Forward to the next Review Steps; who needs to review the case?

For further assistance and as a reminder, these cases contain all the documents that are reviewed by a tenure and appointments committee as well as the department. These cases will be archived as the document of record.  For policies and procedures, contact: