Request an EEO report from an Interfolio search

All searches need to be submitted and approved before an offer is made to any applicant. If using FSRP, no need to request the EEO report.

If using the Faculty Search Questionnaire (FSQ), Part C of the FSQ requires information for the Applicant/Nominee Pool Data. So rather than completing the chart manually,  it is preferred to attach the EEO report from Interfolio (or any other system that can provide a similar report if not using Interfolio.)

To request the Interfolio EEO report,

Send email to with the subject line of “EEO Report, position ID number”  In the body of your email, also include the name/title of the search and the unit name.    

The position ID number is the number located below the position (posting) name on your Positions list. The unit name is below the title of the posting as well and should be provided  in the request especially if you have more than one unit. 

Please note, it is NOT the number from the position url - 

Also from time to time  a unit administrator can run an eeo report and it is not a bad thing to do for getting an idea for how a search is coming along. However, it does not have the same format or layout as the one that is requested via the steps above hence why one must be requested to complete the FSQ.